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Slavic mythology

Exploring the wild and wicked world of Slavic mythology trough artwork!


Update for February

Here are the updates for February 2021. In the last month continued working on this website (bug fixing etc.) and will continue to do so until it is something I will be happy with. Artwork cant stop so decided it will be my main focus, altho I have a lot of plans for this place as well, hoping to make it into an inspiring place for Slavic mythology. I will continue to update texts during this month and bug fixing but new artwork will be coming up in the 1st week of March. Soon I might set up some kind of monthly newsletter, so it will be easier to get updates from me. Also if you want more often updates feel free to follow me on social media, I try to post there at least once a week.

So for this update, I am bringing you the artwork of Vesna, spring goddess (hopefully spring comes soon as well).

Newest artwork


Slavic goddess of spring and youth


Slavic god of fire, sumer solstice and storms

Last update: 05.02.2021

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