Baba Yaga

Slavic folklore witch living in chicken legged house

Baba Yaga Slavic mythology

Baba Yaga, a folklore creature living deep in Slavic forest.

She is often depicted as an old woman, flying on her mortar and pestle, sometimes with sharp iron teeth and long silver hair. Like most of the Slavic folklore creatures Baba Yaga, altho very dangerous, sometimes would help the heroes. Baba Yaga lives in her chicken-legged house surrounded by a fence of skulls. 

Vasilisa the Beautiful

One of the most famous Baba Yaga stories is the one about Vasilisa the Beautiful. In this story, Vasilisa's stepmother sends Vasilisa to get a light from Baba Yaga. Going through the forest she sees the riders. First, the white rider came, then the red one.

Once she reached Baba Yaga's hut the black rider came that brought nightfall. The skulls on the fence around the house started to glow and Baba Yaga came on her mortar and pestle.

She told her she will give her the light if she completes a list of impossible tasks, if she fails Baba Yaga would kill her. She was required to do housework and to cook Baba Yaga a meal. Also to separate grains of rotten corn from sound corn, and separate poppy seeds from grains of soil.

To Baba Yaga's surprise, Vasilisa with the help of a magical doll managed to perform all given tasks. As promised Baba Yaga gave her the light and sent her home. But the light Baba Yaga gave her ultimately killed Vasilisas evil stepfamily. 



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