Slavic goddess of spring and youth

Vesna Slavic mythology

Vesna was a goddess that brought spring and warmth. 

She was waking up nature but also considered one who helps people and their weakened winter health, being adored by Slavic people for it.

Drowning of Morana/Marzanna

On the more notorious side, she was considered to be involved in drowning (or burning depending on the story) of Morana/Marzanna, the goddess who brought winter and death. On the Spring equinox, Vesna was celebrated for this act. With Morana out of the way, Vesna could revive nature one more.

Vesna and Jarilo

Vesna and Jarilo were siblings. While Vesna was more connected to nature's spring renewal, Jarilo was the god of spring but also agriculture and war. Both of them were involved in drowning of Morana, their winter sister. 

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