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Pročitajte više o UX/UI iskustvu te o trenutačnom art projektu


Besides my artwork which is fully on hobby basis, I work as full-time UX/UI designer for Styria Digital Development. Been there since 2015 and in my time there managed to work on very interesting producs, developing new functionalities or working on whole redesign. One of our flagships are 24sata and Večernji list. But also managed to work on smaller apps and projects. If you wish to see my UX/UI portfolio feel free to contact me.

Before that from 2006 worked as a web designer/developer at Virtus dizajn. It was mostly as a student job, with last few years full-time.

As for education attended Information and Comunication sciences at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb, which by the year of 2012 finished with a bachelor's degree.


I have been drawing/painting for ages. Both with traditional and digital mediums.


Next to my UX/UI job I am currently focused on Slavic mythology and will work on it more in upcoming year. I bealive there aren't enough materials currently and have a feeling I can give my contribution to it. Also there is a special project connected to it I will reveal in couple of months.

Jelena Matejić 2021. Sva prava pridržana.